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Why digital marketing has become necessary for political campaigns.

"What separates digital marketing is the ability to target voters uniquely based off of the campaign's desired audience and put your party's message directly in front of potential voters, digitally. Another benefit to advertising digitally is that you know the audience is watching when your ad is displayed!

As of 2019, political parties have already jumped on the digital marketing train! Every area political party has a website and at bare minimum an online listing with their contact information. The surface is just beginning to be scratched to the possibilities that exist with such technology and data.

With this data and technology comes the possibility of changing the way political campaigns advertise and spread their campaign message to potential voters. How and why is online marketing changing this so significantly, you ask? Let me explain.

On The Dot Digital can narrow down the target voters and deliver unique messages. We can deliver specific messages and ads to voters based off of affiliated party, past voting history, age, gender, income, neighborhood and military status. We are also able to cross reference these factors against audience and online behavioral techniques. 

We can do this at the city, county, state or national level. For example, if you have a unique message that you wanted a registered Democrat veteran who hasn't voted in the last 2 years to see, we can do that. We can deliver custom, targeted messages to each demographic/voter audience. 

We can target these voters with display ads across all devices such as mobile, computers, tablets and all smart devices. We can use video to relay your message on streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu and much more! Don't guess where your campaign dollars are going and who you are reaching , Target market, On The Dot, who you want to reach!

  Contact On The Dot Digital for a free complete presentation and evaluation on how we can use your campaign dollars more effectively through digital marketing and advertising!
On The Dot Digital is located in Avon Lake, OH and proudly serves areas such as Westlake, Avon, Lorain and North Ridgeville and across the state and country.

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