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social media

We offer advanced target marketing to reach your desired audience across all social media platforms.

Search engine marketing & Optimization

Make sure your business shows up when potential customers search.

Geo-targeting & fencing

Target your customers by where they live, work, shop or frequent.

PRe-Roll & over the top video advertising

Deliver your video through video streaming services, such as YouTube, Hulu, Pandora and much more.

Why on the dot digital

We take your message and deliver it to your target audience based off of location, search history and propriety data that can pinpoint your next customer.

  • Who: You tell us who your ideal customers are and we do the rest.
  • How: We use geo-fencing layered with behavorial targeting to find your ideal customers.
  • Where: Deliver where your ideal customers spend time such as mobile devices, computers and streaming devices.

What You Get

We spend time face to face with you and your business to learn where we can be most effective.  We succeed when your business succeeds.

  • Strategy: You get a complete analysis of your current digital presence. Afterwards, we put together a plan to get your business in front of not only more people, but the right people.
  • Results: You get transparent analytics and metrics. You will see simple, easy to read metrics such as ads delivered, customers reached, how many click and visit your website and place of business.
  • Customer Service: We provide true 24/7 customer service. We pride ourselves on providing world class customer service.
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