Who Is On The Dot Digital?

Who is On The Dot Digital?  On The Dot Digital is a locally owned and operated Digital marketing Agency in Avon Lake Ohio.  On The Dot Digital offers services such as Geofencing, SEM, SEO, OTT, PreRoll and Social Media advertising. We offer all of the latest and cutting edge technology at On The Dot Digital which allows us to keep your business On The Dot with digital advertising.

The On The Dot Digital team has team members that specialize in all types of marketing and advertising methods.  We emphasize and help bring businesses around to embracing digital marketing.  With digital marketing On The Dot Digital is truly able to put your message at the right place and right time in front of the right person!  We take the guesswork out of who is going to be receiving your ad!  

How can On The Dot Digital truly take the guesswork out of advertising?  We do this by employing behavioral and categorical targeting.  After learning who your ideal customer is, On The Dot Digital and target that customer by their online browsing and search habits layered with demographic information such as Polk data.

Where On The Dot Digital truly shines is by taking these methods and layering these with a tool called Geofencing.  With this method we can also layer all of these methods with their geographical location.  Simply meaning that On The Dot Digital can find your ideal customer layered by where they work, live or frequent.  Stop guessing who is seeing your ad and start knowing where your ads are going and who is seeing them.

On The Dot Digital also embraces how important it is for your business to show up on Google and other such search engines.  With this in mind we have true SEO Experts who can help you leverage organic traffic to your business!  While there may be times SEM (pay per click) can be beneficial we start with the building blocks of a solid website by ensuring the proper content is there to allow your business the best chance of getting in front of customers with out blindly throwing money at it.  

Lastly On The Dot Digital is truly committed to transparent and real results.  We provide analytics that are clear and easy to read and will help your bottom line.  Allow On The Dot Digital to show you what you got for your efforts in advertising down to the smallest detail.  We go over this with our clients and we continually adjust and plan accordingly for your business success.  We understand at On The Dot Digital how quickly businesses needs can change.  Therefore we truly are accessible to are customer to speak with directly 7 days a week.  Our customers and clients are our teammates and we succeed at On The Dot Digital when our clients succeed!


Contact us now at On The Dot Digital to see how we can put your business and advertising “On The Dot” with what we call the right place and right time advertising method!

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